Things to Consider Before Committing to a White Kitchen Space

You’ve had your eye on some home design magazines and have noticed the all-white kitchen trend is sweeping the internet on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. While an all-white kitchen space has its perks, such as including clean lines and an overall open and fresh appearance, there are some things to take into consideration before committing to such an endeavor. Start by asking yourself whether having an all-white kitchen is something you’re ready to tackle by going over the pros and cons of keeping up the photo ready appearance.
Are you a busy cook? This current trend is certainly eye catching and can make for an excellent, picturesque scene when done right. Just keep in mind how often you will be using your kitchen and in the same vein how often you are willing to commit time to cleaning. While it is possible to make an all-white kitchen work for you busy cookers, it goes without saying that the more activity your kitchen sees, the more likely chance of getting coffee or tomato sauce stains on the white faux stone counters. Think hard to yourself, are you prepared to take on this kind of maintenance?
Sunlight exposure can be a make or break for an all-white kitchen. If you get a lot of sunlight streaming through the curtains, while it can add to the clean, pristine look of your kitchen in its best condition, it can also yellow certain white surfaces that are prone to that type of discoloration. When considering an all-white kitchen, think up alternative ways to add white to your kitchen that have textures that won’t discolor from the sunlight so easily. For example, having white faux stone counters instead of plain white counter tops made with a material that is sensitive to the light in areas where the sun hits the most in your kitchen.
Is this a color scheme that you’re invested in for the long term? Chasing a trend is nice and all but remember to be completely honest with yourself in committing to this type of design. It’s a huge commitment of time and energy, just as much as it is a financial commitment. Your list of chores will surely increase in keeping up with an all-white kitchen. It will include wiping down the counters more than once per day, making sure all the finger smudges are gone from the precious linoleum counters and that there’s no streaking on your all-white cupboards and baseboards after a long and busy day of breakfast, lunch, and dinner preparations.
When all is said and done, will you be happy with an all-white kitchen five years down the line? Thinking in the long term before taking this leap will benefit you in so many ways. While you may be all for the commitment now, is a strict cleaning regimen something you can follow for years on? Also take into account whether you have children in the home or if your kitchen serves as a high traffic area. Having pets can also be something to think about and whether or not you are used to spills being a thing in your kitchen on the regular. Think also of investing in a strong exhaust hood for your stove and your walls will thank you for it.

Now then, if everything looks good after going over each of these points and you’re still sure of this decision, then go for it!

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